Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Hype Pumping Me Up for Chicago Marathon

I'm writing this first post while watching the Boston Marathon. In these past weeks I've met some Twitter folk from Chicago who are running Boston. Although I don't really know them yet, I'm rooting for them and everyone else who was able to qualify. It's quite a feat! If I want to qualify, I'd have to run Chicago in 3:40, which is an 8:25 mile. Can I do it?

Because of the toll marathon training takes on the body, I said I'd only do one. Right. Watching Boston is getting me hyped that I could possibly be running it next year. I'm still six months away from my first marathon and I'm already thinking about my next! To further my excitement, I did a calculation of what my long run pace should be in order to ready me for a qualifying pace. It turns out that my long run pace should be between 9:26 and 10:39. Without knowing this when I did my first long run yesterday, I ran ten miles at a 9:35 pace. Right on schedule!

I look forward to telling you about my training experience! Cheers to six months of aches and pains, eating a lot, and living every day with a purpose!

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